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CDRO Bulletin

09 Dec 2013
 Release of the Report: Guilt by Association; UAPA Cases from Madhya Pradesh, JTSA Jammu Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society Confers Robert ThorpAward to Dr. K. Balagopal Adverse Events Following Pentavalent Vaccination in Kashmir,PUDR Special Article: Bloodthirsty Justice, Sumati Can Death Penalty Be Justified Condemn Strongly the Arrest and Frame up of RDF...
18 Nov 2013
 * 28th Dr. Ramanadham Memorial Meeting …, PUDR. * Memorandum of Association for Protection of Democratic Rights to the Speaker, West Bengal Legislative Assembly, APDR * Arrest of Hem Mishra and Prashant Rahi, CDRO * Delhi Gang Rape Case: Futility of Capital Punishment, PUDR * Fact Finding Report & Preliminary Observation, BMC (WB) * Kunan Poshpora: Obfuscation Continues,...
17 Sep 2013
 Report of the 16th State Conference of Andhra Pradesh Civil Liberties Committee (APCLC), Civil Liberties Committee (CLC) Communalization in the Name of Security and Sovereignty, JKCCS Statement on Atrocities on Cultural Activists and Dalits. Fact finding in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra, CDRO Arrest of Hem Mishra and Prashant Rahi: Silencing Voices...
08 Aug 2013
 A monthy bulletin of Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations.