24th Dec 2009: Joint Public Meeting with Shamim Modi

24th Dec 2009: Joint Public Meeting with Shamim Modi

Shamim Modi, a noted social & political activist, vice president of Samajwadi Jan Parishad & presently assistant professor with TISS Mumbai was attacked by the watchman in her rented flat at Vasai, Mumbai on 23rd July. In all she sustained 118 stitches and It was her sheer courage and presence of mind plus timely medical aid that saved her. Since the police tried to make it look like a simple robbery case while in reality it was a well planned attack to kill her by Kamal patel, Local BJP MLA and Natware Patel, President Saw Mill Owners association of Harda, Madhya Pradesh where Shamim has been politically active in mobilizing saw mill workers, Hammals and contested election against Kamal patel(to know more about the background please see the attachment). Since it was suspected that local police itself might be a part of whole conspiracy, an impartial CBI enquiry was demanded by activists from all over the country. A delegation met the then Home minister of Maharastra and he promised to conduct CBI enquiry. Since government did not take any step in that direction, Shamim made a plea to high court for a fair enquiry. High court took notice of the matter and ordered CID enquiry in the case. But since CID is also part of state police apparatus, it is not interrogating local police officers whose involvement in the case has been very unprofessional and their collusion with attackers is very much probable. With the attacker nowhere in sight, only interrogation of local police can shed some light on matter and that is possible only when CBI enquiry is conducted.

To generate public support for an impartial CBI enquiry of this whole issue, Shamim Modi and her husband Anurag Modi are here in Delhi atThursday, 24th Dec. We invite you for a public meeting in Press Club at 03.00 PM on 24th Dec in which first Shamim would present the whole case and then mechanism to put public pressure for CBI enquiry would be discussed and finalized. Please make sure that you attend the meeting. Spread this message to concerned people


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