Stand up and defend the striking workers of Honda two-wheelers! Stand up for the right to unionise!

Stand up and defend the striking workers of Honda two-wheelers!

Stand up for the right to unionise!


  • 2500 contract workers and 200 permanent workers of Honda Company at Tapukhera (Rajasthan-Haryana border) stand dismissed by the management since February, 2016. Why?

Because they tried to unionize.

  • From August 2015 Honda management at Tapukhera has harassed, thrashed, injured, suspended workers. Why?

Because they dared to organize.

  • 73 workers have cases against them---of rioting, attempt to murder, trespass etc. Why?

Because the police colluded with the management to beat up workers protesting against the thrashing of sick worker who refused to do overtime.

  • The workers could not immediately get out on bail. Why?

Because  the local court turned down bail.

Because on appeal, Jaipur High Court demanded two guarantors (for each arrested worker) with Rs. 1 lakh as bail bond.

  • On 24 September a permanent worker was suspended. Why?

Because he ‘liked’ a Facebook post about the ongoing hunger strike.

These events have occurred since May 2015, following the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India Ltd.’s, Tapukhera Plant’s (set up in2011) workers’ decision to form a Union.  Why is the management of the largest two wheeler company in India so hostile towards its workers and going to such extents to prevent them from organizing?

Because, as a 100% subsidiary of Honda Motor Company, Japan, HMSI wishes to maximize profits through wage cuts, forced overtime, contraction of production time, employment of casual workers and denial of leave.  Because, due to the agitation, its profits dropped by 20% in February. Because, workers once unionized have a chance of fighting the management’s dikats. Consequently, it has and is making every effort to prevent the workers their right to form a union granted under Article 19(1)c of the Constitution.

The HMSI management has resorted to the following:

  • Suspended and dismissed workers.
  • Refused to enter into any negotiations, despite being summoned by the Labour department at Alwar.
  • Declared a lockout in order to prevent workers from entering factory premises.
  • Used its goons to thrash workers.
  • Brought in the police and lathicharged the workers and instituted false cases against the workers.
  • Floated a pro-management union with the help of the RSS backed, Bharat Mazdoor Sangh.
  • Filed a Court case against registration of the workers’ independent Union.
  • Replaced the dismissed workers with a new contractual workforce, so production can continue.
  • Prevented protests in the industrial belt of Jaipur, Tapukhers, Rewari, Gurgaon, Manesar, Bhiwadi through collusion of the Rajasthan and Haryana governments.


Despite having no jobs for the last ten months, and in the face of continuing attacks by the management, active collusion of the administration, Honda workers continue to fight for their legitimate right to organise. Since September 19, over 300 Honda workers have gathered at Jantar Mantar.  Five are on indefinite hunger strike, with one of them hospitalized. On October 5, Honda goods were boycotted in 13 cities with successful picketing outside Honda showrooms, despite violence by bouncers.

Friends, let us join the struggle at Jantar Mantar. We need to ensure that the workers who toil for Honda’s ‘superstar’ dream, its ‘Neo’ bikes—which we buy and ride—have the right to dream.

Defend the right to organize!

Support the workers’ demand for withdrawal of false cases, reinstatement of all workers, and registration of the Honda workers Union


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