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12 Sep 2016
ग्रामीण बिहार में 1980 और 1990 के दशक में हुए हत्याकांडों के इतिहास के सन्दर्भ में और पीयूडीआर द्वारा किये गए अलग-अलग फैक्ट फाइंडिंग जांचों की मदद से, हम बिहार के गया ज़िले के बारा गाँव में 1992 में...
03 Apr 2018
In August 2015 the Law Commission had recommended abolition of death penalty except in terror related cases. Recently 14 states have responded to these recommendations. Barring the exception of...
14 Oct 2006
Meeting on Afzal death penalty Jan Hastakshep is holding a meeting tomorrow -14 Oct- at 5.00pm at GPF opposing death penalty to Afzal. Speakers include Pancholiji, SR Geelani, Imtiaz Ahmed.
10 May 2017
10 May 2017 To, The Chairperson NHRC, Delhi    Sir, We thank you for your reply dated 3 May 2017 in relation to the clemency granted to the prisoners in the case of...