Police Firing

Stop false arrest of Adivasis and threats to rights’ activists and lawyers in Chattisgarh

 PUDR strongly condemns IG Bastar, SRP Kalluri’s threat of taking severe action against certain NGOs in Chhattisgarh for allegedly aiding and abetting the Maoists under the guise of helping Adivasis.  At a recent Press Conference he said that many such organisations were already under surveillance.

Protest against Impunity to Armed forces in Armed Conflict Areas-11th July, 11 AM

One cannot forget the image of women protesting naked in front of the Assam Rifles headquarters in Imphal in Manipur holding banners titled: "Indian Army Rape us". The protest was in response to an incident that took place on the night of 10-11 July, 2004 when Ms. Thangjam Manorama Devi was arrested by soldiers of Assam Rifles for interrogation. In the morning her dead body was found in mutilated condition.

CDRO press release on findings of the fact finding team in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra: Released at the Press Conference at Nagpur

 Six cases of encounters in Gadchiroli district have been reported in the press this year. A total of 26 persons have lost their lives in these encounters. People from the villages where the encounters took place have questioned the veracity of the police claims.


 The policy of the Indian State to control the people of Jammu and Kashmir through armed forces is entrenched and has resulted in numerous informal and formal networks of forces outside of the regular armed forces [i.e. army, para-military and police]. More specifically, these networks are referred to in Jammu and Kashmir as: VDCs, Special Police Officers [SPOs] and Ikhwans. Arms are distributed, minus any training, and persons appointed as VDC members, SPOs or Ikhwans, have little or no clarity of the chain of command to control the activities of such forces.

CDRO Condemns the Gruesome Murder of Ganti Prasadam

  Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisation (CDRO)  strongly condemns the brutal and horrifying murder of Ganti Prasadam, the former leader of the Maoist Party and present honorary President of Amarula Bandumitrula Committee, by the state sponsored criminal gang. He was attacked with knifes and fired at him at point blank   at 3.30 pm on Thursday (4rth July) in Nellore Town, Andhra Pradesh. The attack was carried on when Prasadam was about to enter the Nellore Hospital premises to visit an ailing relative.

PUDR deplores the bestial deeds of the two warring sides in Latehar district of Jharkhand

 PUDR deplores the bestial deeds of the two warring sides in Latehar district of Jharkhand, during the early hours of Tuesday, 8th January 2013.Mutilating the body of a dead is unacceptable under any circumstance. To do so in war on the body of a dead combatant is virtually considered taboo under laws that govern war/s. That the bodies were used to plant explosives which would have killed medical staff and those recovering bodies makes it doubly heinous. The use of civilians as human shields by the forces of the government is equally deplorable.

Police kills unarmed villagers and terms it ‘encounter with Maoists’ in Odisha

 Following an outcry against the alleged killing of five tribals/Maoists in an ‘encounter’, near Bhaliaguda village of Gajapati district of Odisha, a six-member team of individuals representing CDRO and Women against Sexual Violence and State Violence (WSS) visited Odisha from 8 December to 9 December 2012. Our purpose was to understand what had actually unfolded and who the people died were.

आतंक के साये में आम झारखंडी : झारखण्ड के सुदूर गांवों में जनसघर्ष और सैन्य दमन

झारखण्ड के गांवों में सैन्य अभियान और सरकारी सशत्र बलों द्वारा गांव वलून को प्रताड़ित किये जाने की जो ख़बरें बड़े महानगरों तक छन छन तक आती रही हैं उनकी तह में जाने की जरूरत लम्बे समय से महसूस हो रही थी। यह ख़बरें मानवाधिकार संस्थाओं की रिपोर्टों में ही नहीं, स्थानीय अख़बारों में भी छपती तही हैं। इन्ही सवालों का जवाब ढुंढने के लिए कोआर्डिनेशन ऑफ़ डेमोक्रेटिक राइट्स (सी ड़ी आर ओ ) ने इन इलाकों का दौरा किया। यह जांच दो चरणों में हुई। 

Who is the state hunting?

THis report covers incidents of Massacre by Security Forces and Salwa Judum under Operation Green Hunt, in Bijapur and Dantewada districts of Chhattisgarh, based on three fact-finding reports conducted by CDRO between October 2009 and July 2012. The first report, Killing of Adivasis by CRPF in Bijapur District, focuses on the massacre committed on June 28, 2012; Chintalnar Massacre exposes the brutal side of ‘area domination’; and Murders by Security Forces brings to light the horrendous mass murders that were committed on two days in 2009.

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