Ramanatham Memorial Meeting: Position Papers

Work in Progress? Labour, Capital and Democratic Rights

This is PUDR's position paper presented during 33rd Ramandham Memorial meeting on 8th Sep 2018. The paper is based on some of the investigations carried by PUDR over the years related to globally intergrated industries in the region - such as automobile industry at Manesar (Haryana), consumer electronics such as LG and Vivo phones (Greater Noida), garment workers in Kapashera (Delhi); as well as local industries, such as workers in localised factories in Bawan aand also workers engaged by the government in PWD.

Yes to Justice, No to Death: Position Paper on Death Penalty

 PUDR’s opposition to the penalty of death is three decades old. Like everything else our opposition on capital punishment is evolving and is a ‘work in progress’. Starting with serious objections to the arbitrariness inbuilt in awarding Death Penalty, the fact that almost all death row convicts have come from lower echelons of society convinced us of its unjustness and that in an unequal society even dispensation of justice is stacked against the poor.


From Kashmir to Andhra Pradesh through Delhi & Punjab and most recently Manipur, encounter has become an administrative practice of the Indian state particularly its police, para-military, military and other security forces. The civil liberties and democratic rights movement in India has rallied around this issue, raising relentless campaigns to unmask the murders that shroud the euphemistic encounters. In the context of political developments during the ‘emergency’ imposed by the Indira Gandhi government, ‘encounters’ assumed the center stage of critical political debates in India.


पी यु डी आर एवम ए पी सी एल सी द्वारा आयोजीत चौबीसवें रामनाथन मेमोरियल मीटिंग के दौरान वितरत पोसिशन पेपर

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