Custody Death

Why flag the issue? Communal politics and protests in Kathua

The joint rally by the Hindu Ekta Manch (HEM) and BJP in Kathua on 14th February 2018 demanding the release of SPO Deepak Khajuria, arrested in connection of the abduction, rape and murder of eight-year-old Asifa Bano in January 2018, has brought to the fore the blatant communal politics of the BJP-HEM combine. And, since the Congress is not ready to be left behind, Kathua is fast becoming a communal tinderbox.

ऋषिपाल की मौत - दलित-विरोधी हरियाणा में दोस्ती की कीमत

यह रिपोर्ट पीयूडीआर, दिल्ली और पीयूसीआर, हरियाणा द्वारा एक 22 वर्षीय दलित लड़के ऋषिपाल की आत्महत्या पर की गई फैक्ट-फाइंडिंग के बारे में है | ऋषिपाल को एक वयस्क लड़की के अपहरण में सह-आरोपी बताया गया था | अन्य पिछड़ी जाति की इस लड़की एकता ने वास्तव में अपने परिवार के खिलाफ जाकर, अपनी मर्ज़ी से किसी दलित लड़के के साथ शादी कर ली थी | यह रिपोर्ट पुलिस और प्रशासन की भूमिका और साथ ही हिरासत में हिंसा और हरियाणा में जाति संबंधों पर भी प्रकाश डालती है |

Rishipal's Death: The Cost of Friendship in Anti-Dalit Haryana

The report narrates the findings of the fact-finding team comprising Peoples Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) and Peoples Union for Civil Rights (PUCR), Haryana into the suicide of 22-year old dalit boy, Rishipal. Rishipal was implicated as an accomplice in the alleged kidnapping of an adult OBC girl, who had actually wilfully eloped and married another dalit boy. The Report sheds light on the role of the police and administration, custodial violence and caste relations in Haryana.

Hashimpura Judgment: An example of deliberate delay, violation of fair trial and denial of compensation.

On 22 May 1987, PAC personnel of UP reached Hashimpura, Meerut, took away about 50 Muslim men from a crowd outside a mosque, shot dead at least 42 of the men, and threw their bodies into a canal. On 21 March 2015, a Delhi Sessions Court accepted that the PAC personnel had committed these murders, but acquitted the policemen charged on account of insufficient evidence. Twenty eight years after the brutal massacre of Muslims by state forces, the guilty in uniform have not been identified and are roaming free. 

Protest against Impunity to Armed forces in Armed Conflict Areas-11th July, 11 AM

One cannot forget the image of women protesting naked in front of the Assam Rifles headquarters in Imphal in Manipur holding banners titled: "Indian Army Rape us". The protest was in response to an incident that took place on the night of 10-11 July, 2004 when Ms. Thangjam Manorama Devi was arrested by soldiers of Assam Rifles for interrogation. In the morning her dead body was found in mutilated condition.

Armed Conflicts and the Protection of Non-combatants: Condemn Killing of Media Persons by CPI (Maoist)

 Peoples Union for Democratic Rights condemns the killing of Sai Reddy, a correspondent of  Deshbandhu, a Hindi newspaper, based in Bijapur in south Bastar, Chhattisgarh  on December 6, 2013. In a statement issued on December 10, 2013, the South Regional Committee of CPI(Maoist) claimed that  Sai Reddy had “played an active role against the people’s movement in Basaguda and Usur areas over last two decades”, and therefore was condemned to death.

A Not So Mysterious Death: the death of Khalid Mujahid

 PUDR strongly condemns the death of Khalid Mujahid, an undertrial arrested in 2007 in connection with bomb blasts in UP earlier that year. Mujahid died on 19 May, 2013 when he was being escorted by a team of the Uttar Pradesh state police from a court in Faizabad to Lucknow jail. His death while under police escort in what is a clear case of custodial killing raises several questions - the rights of citizens, especially Muslim youth; the character of the police and state; the truth behind terror cases and arrests.

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