Reports - Year Wise

04 Dec 1979
In the last 32 years six parliaments have come and gone, five prime ministers have changed, promises were made and assurances given. But the assault on people’s democratic rights has continued. The ordinary masses of India, toiling day in and day out with no security of food, employment and shelter, are threatened with insecurity of life when they attempt to protest. In rural India, the...
30 Nov 1979
 On Oct 1979 Haryana Police ran berserk and killed innocent people in Faridabad. and then engaged in concealing and destroying all evidence of their misdeeds. This report is the result of fact finding conducted by PUDL & DR which met victims of firing, talked to relatives of those killed and also visted the spots where the firing took place. 
25 Mar 1979
The People's Union for Civil Liberties and Democratic Rights (PUCL) in Delhi was concerned to learn of frequent instances of police firing on adivasis in Chaibasa and oppression of landless labourers in Baharagora areas of Singhbhum in Bihar during the latter half of 1978. Specific inci¬dents came to the notice of the PUCL, Delhi. One person was killed on 6th November, 1978 when the police opened...