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Reports - Year Wise

26 Sep 1995
Gobinda Mukhoty completed graduation from Presidency College, Calcutta in 1948. In 1957 he went to UK to study law. After completing his bar-at-law in 1964 he returned to India and started teaching at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta. He started practice as a lawyer at the Supreme Court in 1971 and was designated senior advocate in 1984. In 1976, during the Emergency he was actively associated with...
26 Sep 1995
 This is a report on custodial death in North-East police district of Delhi in the year 1995. A businessman, Dilip Chakravarty was picked up from his home by policemen in civil clothes who were acting purportedly on the basis of some information regarding anti-social elements. He was taken to the Special Staff police station in North-East district, detained for over twelve hours and let off...
17 Sep 1995
17.09.1995 A. Ramanadham, a medical doctor by profession, founded one of the district units of APCLC in Warangal town.Started his career as a government doctor. Dissatisfied with the unethical medical practices, he left his job and set up his own Children’s Clinic in 1968 in Warangal.Dr. Ramanadham's involvement with civil liberties was inseparable from his professional role as a doctor. In...
21 Jul 1995
This report published in July 1995 investigates the torture and custodial death of 23 year old Ajay at the hands of the police. Ajay, a motor mechanic by trade was picked up by the police on 5th June for questioning related to a break in and stabbing at Madras automobiles. Though he was let off on the 5th, he was picked up again on the 7th, produced in Tis Hazari Court and sent to judicial...
05 May 1995
 This leaflet was publish during All India Convention Against TADA on 13 May 1995, hoted by PUDR and organised jointly organised by AIFOFDR, APCLC, ACRA (Assansole), AFDR (Punjab), APDR (WB), CCLDR (Goa), CPDR (Bombay), LHS (Bombay), MASS (Assam), OPDR (AP and Kerala), PRO (Delhi) and PUCL.
10 Feb 1995
यह रिपोर्ट कैलकम इलेक्ट्रॉनिक्स लिमिटेड के प्रबंधकों और मज़दूरों के बीच १९९४ में हुए तनाव जिसने प्रदर्शन का रूप लिया है, उसपर आधारित है. इस कंपनी की सात इकाइयां हैं और इसमें करीब ७०० मज़दूर कार्य करते हैं. मुख्य मुद्दा न्यूनतम मज़दूरी का है जिसे लेकर संघर्ष शुरू हुआ।