Reports - Year Wise

19 Oct 2005
On 13th September 2005, on the ever busy Azadpur Mandi main road, a public protest by basti dwellers of Bharola village in the middle of the day caught the attention of the media. As trucks, buses and tempos were unable to ply on the main GT road for over two hours, the death of 19 year old Sunil in Adarsh Nagar PS was reported in the press along with news of the protest and the subsequent...
26 Aug 2005
Information relating to the execution of the death penalty in Nagpur Central Jail, from 1948 to 1998, received from Supritendent, Nagpur Central Prison, Nagpur.
20 Aug 2005
Information relating to the execution of the death penalty in Pune Central Jail, from 1952 to 1992.
15 Jul 2005
Kashipur, Rayagada district and nearby areas in southwest Orissa have been in the news for a number of bauxite mining and alumina refinery projects being set up by the Orissa government in association with various Indian and foreign mining companies. From the very beginning these projects faced persistent and militant resistance by the local people, largely tribal and scheduled caste. The...
13 Jul 2005
Information relating to the execution of the death penalty in Tihar Jail, Delhi received from DIG (Prison) Delhi. This information on number of people executed in Delhi Tihar Jail was received by the People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) in response to an application filed under the Delhi Right to Information Act, 2001 to know details of persons who had been executed in Tihar Prisons in...
27 Mar 2005
In 2004, PUDR investigated six cases of sexual assault that were reported in the press. In five cases, the sexual assault clearly occurred in custody of an employee either of medical institutions or by policeman. These were the sexual assault of a 19 year old girl by an intern of Safdarjung Hospital, a case of sodomy of a young boy by a security guard of the same hospital, gang rape of a 22-...
08 Jan 2005
The UPA has been concerned at the manner in which POTA has been grossly misused in the past two years. There will be no compromise in the fight against terrorism. But given the abuse of POTA that has taken place, the UPA Government will repeal it, while existing laws are enforced strictly (Common Minimum Programme, UPA government, released on 27 May 2004)