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06 Jan 2013
While PUDR understands that Indian society is deeply patriachal, it also believes that the Indian state is primarily responsible for the sorry state of women's rights in this country, and that its actions enforces and sustains the inequality of women in the family, community and society. The fact is that rape is a crime whose basis lies in the operation of power: patriarchal, class, caste, ethnic and religion, and of the state. Thus raping women is used as an instrument to attack communities and to bring them to their knees by the state forces wherever armed forces are deployed.
18 Sep 2008
People’s Union for Democratic Rights
New Delhi

Letter to the Editor

With Ref. to: Two Killed in Valley Clashes,The Indian Express, Sep.13, pg. 8.
29 Aug 2008
A Joint Appeal by Kashmir’s Civil Society Groups

We the conscientious people of Jammu and Kashmir believe and uphold that the human life and its dignity are sacrosanct and in this regard we feel deeply concerned and aggrieved over the news story carried by sections of Indian media on 28th August 2008, in which it is reported that the Indian Intelligence agency has expressed fears about the possible attacks on minorities in Kashmir.