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19 Aug 2017
PUDR welcomes the decision of the Supreme Court to examine a plea filed by the family of five civilians killed in a fake encounter in Pathribal, Kashmir in 2000. The notice issued by SC follows the closure of the Pathribal case by the Army and the refusal of the J&K High Court last year in admitting the petition of the victims’ families challenging the closure of the case. The apex court has also given liberty to the petitioners to mention the matter for early hearing.
23 May 2017
PUDR strongly condemns the commendation conferred on Major Leetul Gogoi by none less than the Army Chief for taking Farooq Dar hostage, tying Dar to the front of his jeep allegedly to ward off attacking stone-pelters, and then driving around for several hours to warn people that a similar fate awaited them. The incident where Dar was used as a human shield occurred in Budgam district in Kashmir  on  9th April 2017. The award has brought to pass what the Punjab CM, Capt. Amarinder Singh had vociferously advocated on 20th May.
25 Apr 2017
Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations (CDRO) denounces Government of India and its Law officer for being parsimonious in their espousal of wisdom. Ignorance of law is not counted as an excuse or exonerates a citizen from being prosecuted for commission of a crime.
23 Feb 2017
Peoples Union for Democratic Rights condemns the Army chief Bipin Rawat’s statement made on 15th February warning  Kashmiris who “create hurdles during (Army) operations”  that they will face “harsh action”, calling them “over-ground workers of terrorists“, and equating stone pelters and flags of Pakistan and ISIS as acts of “terrorism” carried out by “anti-nationals”. This announces a step up in repression, widening the crackdown beyond militants and as a result the blood count is bound to rise.
28 Oct 2016
On 27th October 2016 several organisations in Delhi came together in protest at Jantar Mantar demanding restoration of civil liberties and democratic rights in Kashmir. People’s Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) affirms its solidarity with the people of Kashmir who have been battling a state of siege for over 100 days. In 111 days, since July 8th, the aged, the infants, the children, the youth, women, the men—have been attacked, killed, maimed, arrested and detained by the security forces and police.