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12 Aug 2007
The prevalence of male custodial rape in children’s homes, police stations and jails is an incontrovertible fact.
27 Mar 2005
In 2004, PUDR investigated six cases of sexual assault that were reported in the press. In five cases, the sexual assault clearly occurred in custody of an employee either of medical institutions or by policeman.
30 Dec 2004
A factfinding report into 5 cases of custodial rape in the capital city.
11 Oct 1999
On 30 September 1999, a 30 year ols sex workerand a mother of two children was abducted from G.B. ROad on her way back from fetching milk by COnstable Deepak Dubey of the Kamla Market P.S.. She was brutally raped and sodomised by Dubey, his cousin Sanjeev Dikshit and a TSR Driver. She managed to return to G.B. Road at about 8.00 P.M. the same evening.  
11 Jul 1997
 This report is about the rape of a 35 year old woman by the policemen of Malviya Nagar Police Station at her own house in Lal Gumbad Jhuggi camp during an assault on the Jhuggi dwellers by a contingent of around 60 policemen. Police Action on jhuggi dwellers came in the context of the demolition of a gate being put up by the residents of Sadhna Enclave to restrict the passage of Jhuggi people through the colony.