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20 Jul 2015
On 15th July, the Maharashtra government announced that it has initiated the process for hanging Yakub Memon. On 30th July, 2015 ‘he is to be hung by the neck till dead’. The announcement seemed inevitable after the Supreme Court had rejected his review petition on 10th April this year. Except that Yakub Memon has still not exhausted all legal remedies as he has a curative petition due to be heard in the Supreme Court on 21st July.
13 Jul 2015
The irreversibility of death penalty, and the likelihood of innocents being executed by the Judiciary, is one of the strongest arguments for abolishing capital punishment. Dhananjoy Chatterjee today joins the list of persons where clear evidence exists that they were erroneously handed death penalty by the Indian judicial system.
28 Apr 2015
PUDR notes with extreme concern the Supreme Court's decision on the 9th of April 2015, to reject Yakub Memon’s petition seeking review of his death sentence. This decision will only add another chapter to the growing instances of injustice perpetrated by the State. In the name of providing relief for those killed in the heinous Bombay blasts of 1993 one finds a punishment based on selective targeting and prejudice.
30 Jan 2015
पीपल्स यूनियन फॉर डेमोक्रेटिक राइट्स 1999 के शंकरबीघा जनसंहार (जहानाबाद ज़िला) के सभी दोषियों को बरी करने की तीव्र निंदा करता है |
28 Jan 2015

People's Union for Democratic Rights strongly condemns the acquittal of the accused in the Shankarbigha massacre (Jehanabad District) of 1999.