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15 Dec 2015
Ms Swati Maliwal,
Delhi Commission for Women
Govt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi
C-Block, 2nd Floor,
Vikas Bhawan I. P. Estate,
New Delhi 110002

14th December 2015

Subject: Request for inquiry into allegation of molestation and sexual assault by Delhi Police on women students of Occupy UGC protest on 9th December 2015

06 Jan 2013
While PUDR understands that Indian society is deeply patriachal, it also believes that the Indian state is primarily responsible for the sorry state of women's rights in this country, and that its actions enforces and sustains the inequality of women in the family, community and society. The fact is that rape is a crime whose basis lies in the operation of power: patriarchal, class, caste, ethnic and religion, and of the state. Thus raping women is used as an instrument to attack communities and to bring them to their knees by the state forces wherever armed forces are deployed.