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28 Dec 2022

People’s Union for Democratic Rights welcomes the findings of the report submitted by the District and Sessions Judge, Faridabad into the illegal detention and brutal torture of labour rights activist, Shiv Kumar in January 2021 by the Haryana Police.
15 Dec 2021
The growth of the ‘gig’ economy and ‘gig workers’ in India is a phenomenon of the last decade or so. Names like Swiggy, Zomato, Ola, Uber or Urban Company and Amazon are among the many companies that have come in to provide ‘services’ and ‘employment’ in the form of ‘gigs’. Some of these are off-shoots of international companies, while others are Indian. Over the past two years there have been reports of gig workers demonstrating against their work conditions.
16 Aug 2021
आज़ादी की 75वीं वर्षगाँठ र्ष पर देश के मज़दरूों के लिए आज़ादी के बाद लगभग पहली बार कई ज़रूरी श्रम क़ाननू जसै े, इंडस्ट्रीयल डिस्प्यट्ूस अधिनियम (1947), फ़ैक्ट्रीज़ अधिनियम (1948), आदि का सरुक्षा कवच उपलब्ध नहीं होगा। इनमें सेकुछ क़ाननू तो भारत की आज़ादी के साथ लाए गए थेऔर मलू रूप सेइनका उद्देश्य मज़दरूों के अधिकारों और आज़ादी को सनिु श्चित करना था। 2019-20 मेंइन सभी क़ाननू ों को हटाकर चार नई संहिताएँलाईं गईं – (1) मज़दरूी संहिता, (2) औद्योगिक सम्बंध संहिता, (3) सामाजिक सरुक्षा संहिता, (4) व्यवसायगत सरुक्षा, स्वास्थ्य और कार्य स्थितियांसंहिता.
16 Aug 2021
The 75th Independence Day of India is practically the first for workers in the country without the official protection of crucial labour laws, like the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, the Factories Act, 1948 among others. Some of these laws are as old as the country’s independence itself, and all of them, in principle, aimed to safeguard workers’ basic rights and the condition of their freedom.