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26 Nov 2004

The leather sector in India is amongst the top eight export earners for the country with an annual production value of US $ 4 billion and an annual export value of US $ 2 billion.

The Council for Leather Exports, which serves as a bridge between Indian leather exporters and international buyers, claims that it is “committed to promoting the growth of the Indian leatherindustry in the global markets, through modern, transparent and best industry practices” and promises “top priority to occupational safety and work conditions”. The reality of the leather garment workers in Delhi provides a glaringly different picture – growing job insecurity, very low wages, absence of service records, denial of bonuses or provident funds, no labour inspections, unhealthy and unsafe conditions at the workplace and increasing attempts by the exporters to thwart workers’ demands by bringing in the police to play the role of an arbiter. This report is in Hindi.

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