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24 Jul 2004

Armed Forces Special Powers Act that has been in operation in the states of the Northeastern region of the country since 1958. Initially, the Act was applicable to the states of Assam and Manipur to eradicate .militancy. amongst the Nagas. Subsequently, the Act was amended in 1972 in order to extend it to all the states lying in the Northeastern region of India. Then, it was extended to Punjab for a brief while. Currently, the Act is in force in the states of the Northeastern region of the country and Jammu and Kashmir. Purportedly aimed at fighting insurgency the Act has proved singularly ineffective. However, it has not only led to de facto implementation of emergency in the areas of its implementation and the suspension of even the fundamental rights of common citizens, including their right to life.

Armed Forces Special Powers Act is a bad law since it has failed in its stated objective of curbing hostility. When first conceived and implement there was only one political organization that was deemed militant by the government, now by government.s own admission there are close to eighty such organizations in the various areas of North East. It is alarming to note that there is a direct correlation in the extension of this act to the entire region of the northeast and the spread of militancy.

This report was Publishes by Committee for the Repeal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, Delhi

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