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30 May 2010

Friday morning’s derailment of the Gyaneshwari Express either due to sabotage or explosion as per media reports in which so far 136 people have already lost their lives is highly reprehensible and completely indefensible. PUDR strongly condemns whichever organization is responsible for the carnage as we believe that no political cause or motive can justify an act of this nature.

As is evident from the contradictory statements coming from ministers and government functionaries the facts of the case are still far from clear. PUDR demands that a high level and impartial inquiry be instituted into the incident so that the truth can be uncovered, responsibility fixed beyond all possible doubt and the guilty brought to book. Till such time this happens PUDR appeals to all sections of society to refrain from making or fuelling unfounded allegations which can only end in futile mudslinging matches or in witch-hunts. Such rumour-mongering and false conclusions on the part of governments, political parties and the administration (aided by sections of the media) not only denies justice to those effected by the tragedy, but also fails to address issues of safety and welfare of citizens for the future.

Asish Gupta and Moushumi Basu

(Secretaries PUDR)