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21 Apr 2003

Peoples Union for Democratic Rights

The Convenor
Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons

PUDR expresses its solidarity with the ongoing mass protest organized by the Association of Parents of Disappeared Persons (APDP) in Srinagar to draw attention of the government to the magnitude and gravity of enforced or involuntary disappearances that haunts the valley.

Bertolt Brecht's lines: "When crimes begin to pile up, they become invisible / When sufferings become unendurable, the cries are no longer heard" most aptly describe the situation faced with regard to the disappearances. The struggle led by the APDP to document these crimes and to make everybody aware of this abuse of power will go a long way in combating it.

We hope that the efforts of the APDP will bear fruit and help in rooting out this brutal method of repression from our country. We believe that through bringing together the families that are facing this onslaught and by providing them a voice of protest, the APDP has helped in alleviating the pain suffered by the families.

We once again express our support for the struggle against this "invisible crime".

(Attached is a copy of the letter that PUDR has released to the press in Delhi)

Shahana Bhattacharya
Ujjwal Kumar Singh
Peoples Union for Democratic Rights