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25 Sep 2003

People’s Union for Democratic Rights, Delhi

The Senior Superintendent of Police
Gautam Buddha Nagar
Uttar Pradesh

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice the harassment meted out to workers of Indeutsch Industries Limited at the hands of the Phase II police. On 16th January 2003, the Indeutsch Mazdoor Sangathan held its General Body Meeting around 5.45 pm, as it had done so many times before, in the lawns adjacent to NEPZ. While Prem Singh Rana, a Union activists was addressing the meeting, some policemen from phase II approached the workers and entered into an argument with one of them (Anish Tyagi). The policemen insisted that the meeting was illegal and that the leaders should come to the police station to discuss their problems. Despite the reluctance of the workers to involve the police in Union matters, two workers Prem Singh Rana and Anish Tyagi were persuaded by the police to accompany them to the police station. The workers who had been dispersing after the meeting, decided to stay back in the lawns and wait for the return of the two workers. While they were still waiting a number of policemen converged on them and threatened them, asking for their leaders, and forced them to disperse. In the meantime the police nabbed another worker Brijender Tyagi and took him to the police station. In the presence of the Personnel Manager of Indeutsch Industries, Mr.Agarwal, who demanded that a lesson be taught to the workers, cases u/s 151 IPC were registered against both B.Tyagi and Rana, while A.Tyagi was allowed to go. Rana and B.Tyagi were allowed bail the next day by the City Magistrate.

It is surprising that a basic right of workers and a primary function of the Mazdoor Union to meet, discuss and sort out their problems was violated and thwarted by the police. The workers have met in the lawns of NEPZ before without facing any harassment. The intervention of the police has caused harassment to the workers, hampered functioning of the Union, and vitiated the atmosphere in the industry. We will request your office to enquire into the incident and take action against the erring policemen. We will also request you to assure that Union meetings in the lawns of NEPZ should be allowed to take place without interference by the police.


Shahana Bhattacharya & Ujjwal Kumar Singh
PUDR, Delhi

Address for communication
Sharmila Purkayastha
5, Miranda House Staff Quarters
University of Delhi, North Campus