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28 Jan 2014

PUDR expresses concern over the irresponsible and uncorroborated comment made by Chhattisgarh ADG (Intel) Mukesh Gupta on Professor Nandini Sundar. The ADG has alleged Prof. Sundar’s involvements in Maoist activities in the state. The police claims that the recently arrested Congress worker, Badri Gawde, who has been detained for his alleged Maoist links, divulged Sundar’s Maoist “links” over the Raoghat Mines issue. Professor Nandini Sundar’s vociferous opposition along with many others over the privatization of the Raoghat Mines, alienation of adivasi land protected under the 5th Schedule areas and loss of livelihood is known to all. At numerous platforms, she has also publicly criticized the security forces over their continuing non-compliance with the Supreme Court judgment over the disbandment of the Salwa Judum. Hence, the police’s allegation against Professor Sundar for her dissidence is not unanticipated. It is a known fact that the police officials have time and again tried to crush dissenting opinions by false implication under unfounded charges. In trying to implicate Nandini Sundar, the police has completely overlooked Professor Sundar’s even handed criticisms of the Maoists as well for compromising adivasi rights in Chhatisgarh. The over-zealous ways in which the police has decided to target critics is alarming and unfortunate. PUDR shows its apprehensions over such tenuous claims being made by state officials and fears the arbitrary attack on those who dare to voice their opinion in support of the democratic rights of the adivasis.      


Asish Gupta and D. Manjit