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26 Sep 1995

This is a report on custodial death in North-East police district of Delhi in the year 1995. A businessman, Dilip Chakravarty was picked up from his home by policemen in civil clothes who were acting purportedly on the basis of some information regarding anti-social elements. He was taken to the Special Staff police station in North-East district, detained for over twelve hours and let off the next day with serious head injuries and in an unconscious state. He passed away at the Holy Family Hospital a week later. This incident raises serious questions about the functioning of the Special Staff and actions undertaken by the police in contravention to legal norms on the basis of unsubstantial information. This case shows once again that special wings set up by the police have resulted only in impunity for its own officials rather than better and more efficient investigation. 

Key words- Death in custody, thana, police brutality, Delhi, Special Staff, impunity, unsubstantial evidence, Dilip Chakravarty, businessman, Section 308, medico Legal Case, Crime Branch, post mortem, Section 176, Special Investigation Unit, SIU, Jama Maszid,

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