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05 Oct 2011

Tribal Teacher Soni Sodi of Dantewada, arrested by Delhi police on 4th October at the behest of the Chhattisgrha State police, on grounds of supporting Maoist activity, was produced in the Court of the Additional District and Session’s Judge in the south District of Saket, today 5th of October .

The Chhattisgarh State police had asked the concerned ACJM court for transit remand to take Soni Sodi to back Dantewada. Instead Soni Sodi who was also present in court along with her lawyer filed a voluminous application praying for the rejection of the transit remand and releasing her on bail.

The ACJM stated his inability in entertaining the bail application as he was not the competent authority for bail and thus the application was transferred to the concerned Additional Sessions Judge.

The ASJ, heard the arguments on both sides. Arguing on behalf of Soni Sodi Adovcate Divya Jyoti presented evidence showing fabrication of charges against her through four FIRs. He also stated that she had been attacked by the police and there was an attempt to kill her. She had come to Delhi to contact lawyers and seek redressal from the Supreme Court. He r case did not get listed in the SC due to vacation and in the meantime she was arrested.

The Chhattisgarh police showed arrest warrants in four cases and argued that she was absconding and evading arrest. Her lawyer showed evidence of her presence in Dantewada and that she was in regular touch with police officials, advocating her innocence. She had even lodged an FIR with the local Police Station when Maoists had attacked her father and had injured him with gun shots, in June 2011.

After hearing both sides the court reserved its order till the 7th of October, 2011 Soni Sodi was subsequently resent to judicial custody at Tihar jail in Delhi. Advocate Anubha Rastogi was also present in court.

Pushkar Raj and Kavita Srivastava


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Paramjeet Singh and Harish Dhawan