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26 Mar 1996

This report published in 1996 is about the custodial death in ISBT Police Station of 20 year old Ravinder. Ravinder had arrived in Delhi on 24 February, 1996 looking for work. His parents, residents of Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh were informed at 7pm of his death. The report investigates the incident and raises many questions.

The police claim that on the 24, one Amar Singh brought Ravinder from the platform of the ISBT to the local ISBT chowki. Amar Singh accused Ravinder of kidnapping his fifteen year old daughter. The police searched Ravinder's bag and found letters addressed to the girl. The police asked Amar Singh to inform the PS at Modinagar, but they detained Ravinder. Within minutes of Amar Singh's departure, the police claim Ravinder committed suicide by consuming poison.  The police also claim they could not distinguish the poison from other medicines kept in Ravinder's bag. He died at 5pm in Hindu Rao Hospital. Meanwhile the police stated that Amar Singh returned from Modinagar to inform them of his daughter's arrival from Ravinder's house.While Ravinder's family was unaware of any relationship between Ravinder and the girl, they refute Amar Singh's charge that his daughter had taken shelter at their place. Two days before Ravinder died he was assaulted by members of the girl's family. Ravinder's family claims that on the 24 some members from Amar Singh's family followed Ravinder to ISBT, beat him there and at the PS. They claim Ravinder died because of these injuries.

Though an internal enquiry was instituted but no FIR was filed. It cannot be denied that the death happened in police custody. Possible foul play cannot be ruled out and thus registering an FIR is necessary to ensure justice. 

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