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17 Sep 1995

A. Ramanadham, a medical doctor by profession, founded one of the district units of APCLC in Warangal town.Started his career as a government doctor. Dissatisfied with the unethical medical practices, he left his job and set up his own Children’s Clinic in 1968 in Warangal.Dr. Ramanadham's involvement with civil liberties was inseparable from his professional role as a doctor. In fact, his professional role helped the civil rights movement which, in turn, made him a better doctor. Dr. Ramanadham tried to create a space for democratic values wherever he went and in whatever he did.With APCLC, Dr. Ramanadham was actively involved in investigating fake encounters, custodial torture and deaths. This earned them the wrath of the police.

On 2nd September 1985, at Kazipet railway station, SI Yadagiri Reddy was shot dead by unidentified assailants, believed to be naxalites. Next morning his body was carried in a funeral procession in which a number of armed policemen participated. The procession was led by the district Superintendent and the Deputy General of Police. When it neared the Children's Clinic, a group of policemen broke into the clinic. They ransacked the clinic and assaulted the compounder and waiting patients. Then they went into the neighbouring shop, Kalpana Opticals, where they found Dr. Ramanadham and shot him at point blank range.

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