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Mr Clean's Black Bill: Right To Kill

22 Apr 1988

This small handout, both in Hindi and English, talks about the 50th Amendment Bill, presented in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha in 1988. The manner in which this bill was presented clearly shows unconcerned attitude of the state towards citizen’s fundamental rights to life. This kind of attempt was not even made during Indira Gandhi’s emergency regime. The provisions of this current bill even go against the stated objective of crushing terrorism in Punjab. This bill seeks to reverse the 44th Amendement introduced by Janata government which disallowed the proclamation of Emergency on the grounds of “internal disturbance”. Not only this the current 59th Amendment also seeks to modify the Article 359 which guarantees that Article 20 and 21 could not be suspended even under Emergency. So in nutshell 59th Amendment , the Punjab government will no longer the right of life to its citizens. Key words: Implications of 59th Amendment, Article 352, emergency proclamation, internal disturbance, right to life, Punjab, 44th Amendment, Janata government, Rajiv Gandhi, India Parliament, two third majority, Article 20, Article 21, Congress party, ESMA, NSA, Human Rights, law and order problem, terrorist, safeguard, संविधान , आपातकाल , विधेयक , 59 वां संशोधन,अनुच्छेद 352, 21 वें अनुच्छेद , आंतरिक गड़बड़ी , राजनैतिक अधिकारों , सशत्र विद्रोह , मौलिक अधिकारों , आपातस्थिति , संसद की गरिमा, पंजाब समस्या , प्रजातान्त्रिक अधिकार , भारतीय नागरिकों , विरोध

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