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30 Oct 1989

The judgment of Delhi High Court quashing the Jain-Bannerjeet, which was set up to address the cases related to the 1984 Sikh massacres, reflects the pathological state of the administration in denying the justice to the victims.The present story relate to the case of Mrs Anwar Kaur whose husband was killed in the carnage. The Jain-Bannerjee Committee was set up to 'recommend the registeration of cases where necessary and to monitor the investigation thereof.Altogether 400 affidavits were received by the pane. After taking eight rnonths, the panel recommended just three cases. In the first case no accused were named and hence the notion of prosecution has no meaning. In the second case, the panel recommended the reopening of Zakhira case but the Lt. Governor rejected it" Third and the last was that of Anwar Kaur in which Sajjan Kumar and Brhmananda Gupta. among others were named. In 1987, Mr Brahmanada Gupta had filed a petition in Delhi High Court challenging the appointment of the panel.To know the fate of the panel read the full report.  

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