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11 Nov 1997

This is the report of a fact-finding conducted jointly by nine democratic rights organisations in the year 1996 into the extra-judicial killings by the police in North Telangana. It starts by providing a background about the region and the CPI (ML) movement, the destruction of which is the purported aim of the state for resorting to immense repression. It shows that instead of considering the context and problems out of which the Naxalite movement has gained strength and attempting to address these, the state has resorted to the exercise of brute power in the guise of ‘fake encounters’. It probes into and presents ten such cases and shows the absolute lawlessness of the situation. Further, it also analyses the shoddy police investigations and pending magisterial inquiries that follow. The report argues that the treatment of political dissent as crime leads to a situation of state terrorism with wanton abuse of constitutional, legal and human rights. It demands that the use of staged encounters be stopped, the guilty policemen be tried and for the consideration of the context from which people’s dissent towards the state arises.

Key words- Fake Encounter killings, Naxalite movement, land to the tiller, National Human Rights Commission,  oppression, political dissent, state repression, unlawful killings, right to self-defence, right to life, CPI-ML, . 

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