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24 Jul 2004
  • That 38 million people of our country residing in the North East are forced to live under a military rule and an undeclared Emergency.
  • That this military rule has been carried on without a break for 46 years.
  • That even a non commissioned army officer of the lowest rank has the power to shoot to kill anybody, to forcibly enter any house, to destroy any building and to arrest anyone without a warrant.
  • That to take such action the officer needs no permission from a superior and is not answerable to anyone.
  • That people have no right to approach the court and launch prosecution for atrocities
  • committed by any such officer.
  • That all this is sanctioned by a law called the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act which came into being in 1958.
  • That despite an eight year ceasefire and efforts towards a peace process between the Government of India and the NSCN, the army is still deployed in Naga areas.
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