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23 Jul 1999

The struggle of workers of Flex industriesLtd at Noida against the illegal termination of 54 workers.

The assault on the workers rights was the move to institute a three shift system, while using the same number of workers. The workers of Flex are being made to bear the brunt of the managers drive to step up profits and productionThe workers have been organised under the banner of Flex Laminators Employees Union since 1993

Flex Industries Ltd is part of the Flex group of companies that manufactures flexible packaging materials -polycoated paper, printed and laminated paper and plastic films. It supplies and packages the products of many companies including multinationals like - Horiicks, Uncle Chips, Nestle, Lipton and Brooke Bond tea, the pouches for well known gutka and pan masala brands. So much so that the company claims to be 'part of your daily life1! In fact it is the largest flexible packaging company of the country.

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