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15 Jan 2010

The Delhi Metro is considered to be the pride of Delhi, paving the way for Delhi to become a world class city.

Its increase is being planned and lauded to provide better public transport system. As part of this expanding network and to connect more and more people, Metro feeder buses are used. 120 Feeder buses are being run which connect Metro Stations to different places in Delhi. The contract for operating feeder bus services has been given by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) to Rajasthan Bombay Transport Pvt. Ltd.

From January 7, 2010, drivers and conductors of these buses have been on a strike at Sector 9, Dwarka demanding an increase of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 in salary for drivers and conductors respectively which was promised under a written agreement with the Management on 24 September 2009. The workers had gone on strike last year demanding increase in salary, ESI facility and receipt of Provident Fund. Their Job contract promises them an yearly increase of Rs.300 but there was no increment for last two years. After negotiations broke down between the workers and the Company this year, the Management dismissed 300 conductors and drivers.

PUDR talked to Ajay Swami from the Worker’s Union who told us that the Management was neither ready to give back the provident fund money nor security sum deposited with it. Every worker is required to deposit a certain amount at the start of service at the rate of Rs. 30,000 for conductors and Rs. 10000 for drivers as security. PUDR holds DMRC responsible for the dereliction of its duties and responsibilities as a principal employer, in not executing its powers in matters of wages, provident fund and other welfare measures of those employed.

PUDR therefore demands immediate intervention of the concerned Labour Commissioner for the entrenchment of the dismissed workers, salary increment as per contract signed with workers, receipt of Provident Fund and Employees State Insurance Scheme (ESI).


Moushumi Basu and Ashish Gupta