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27 Sep 2008

PUDR strongly condemns the explosion in Mehrauli today that led to more loss of life, and increasing fear in the city. We unequivocally condemn the political beliefs behind such acts, which espouse random killing. We believe that the culprits behind these acts should be brought to book.

PUDR apprehends that the Mehrauli blast might unleash a fresh spate of police terror targetting the minority community in the city. However as a PUDR and Jan Hastakshep fact-finding as well as some media reports have shown, the role played by the police in the events following the blasts of 13/9 has been far from exemplary. The arbitrary, high handed and unlawful manner in which the police has gone about accusing, picking up, arresting, detaining, and interrogating young Muslim men in order to uncover the alleged “terror network” has created a wave of fear and alienation among the Muslim community. Many doubts still remain about the police’s version of the encounter on 19/9 at Batla House and the involvement of those killed and arrested. There has been a systematic targeting of young Muslim men in Jamia, with many students especially from UP returning home.

We urge that while carrying out its investigations, the police exercise restraint and follow the rule of law so as to prevent further fear and alienation among the already terrified Muslim community in the city. PUDR strongly reiterates its belief that under no condition can state terror be a just response to a politics of terror as it too scapegoats the innocent, only further dehumanizing society

Nagraj Adve and Harish Dhawan

Secretaries PUDR