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05 Nov 2016

CDRO urges you to understand that truth has another side which must also be brought before the public. It is, therefore, Coordination of Democratic Rights Organisations stands in solidarity with the peoples of J&K in their struggle to be Free and condemns the use of Pellet Guns, killing civilians including children, blinding young girls and boys, and causing injuries to tens of thousands of people. WE insist that only restoration of civil liberties and de-militarisation followed by search for a democratic solution can prevent the slide into revival of armed militancy and end the cycle of violence which is weakening us from inside. CDRO believes that we cannot win over people when they are being killed, blinded, arrested & detained, or justice is denied to them and political solution ignored. CDRO appeals to you to realize the gravity of the situation and join us in extending a message of solidarity with our own people in J&K who need to know that we care.

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