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11 Jul 1997

 This report is about the rape of a 35 year old woman by the policemen of Malviya Nagar Police Station at her own house in Lal Gumbad Jhuggi camp during an assault on the Jhuggi dwellers by a contingent of around 60 policemen. Police Action on jhuggi dwellers came in the context of the demolition of a gate being put up by the residents of Sadhna Enclave to restrict the passage of Jhuggi people through the colony. The report very starkly brings out how the police and the system in general works to scuttle all the processes that can give some justice to her like refusal to register an FIR, delay in collection of evidence, influencing the doctors conducting the medical examination of the victim, deliberately making attempts to confuse her during test identification parade etc. The report once again shows how the law can be completely sidestepped by the police to save its personnel.

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