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17 Dec 1981

People's Union for Democratic Rights (PUDR) came into existence in 1976-77 as the Delhi unit of a larger national forum, and became PUDR on 1 February, 1981.

16 Dec 1981

This is the report of the of a fact finding team of academicians and journalists appointed by the PUDR, Delhi. The appointment of the team followed reports in the press about police firings and arrests of people due to alleged extremist violence.

15 Aug 1981

A PUDR inquiry report on the alleged custodial torture of Basanti Devi, a 34 year old woman sparated from her husband, by the police sub inspector in-charge of the Anand Van police post, Shakarpur, West, Delhi, on the evening of June 30, 1981.

30 May 1981

PUDR team visited Adilabad to get first hand report on the police firing at Inderaveli on April 20, 1981, to ascertain the fact leading to the firing and the socio-economic back ground tho the tension which prevails in the region. The team visited Adilabad town, Utnooor, taluq headquarter Indraveli and some villages surrounding it.