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15 Oct 1987

Legal Service Authority Bill (No. 82, 1987), aimed at providing free legal services to the weaker section of society, was rushed through both the houses of parliament in the last session without much discussion.The bill seeks to co-opt the legal aid movement and local efforts at adjudication.

28 Aug 1987

This report list the account of a movement led by CPI (ML) in the agency areas of Andhra Pradesh . The major source of social tensions are the notification of tribal agricultural land as reserve forests and forest work carried out in the areas leased out to the paper mills (East Godavari side) .

11 Jun 1987

The end of every riot is the start of preparation for the next one—not only by stocking up knives, lathis and guns— but by silent acceptance of what is fast becoming part of routine life in our cities and towns. People have learnt to live with riots. Yet, all through, there has also been a continuous struggle against communalism in our country.

08 May 1987

नवंबर १९८४  में हुए दंगों पर आयुक्त मिश्रा कमीशन की रिपोर्ट एक आलोचना