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15 Oct 1990

Appu Ghar whose name and mascot originates from Asiad '82 which bequeathed to our city magnificent stadia and fly overs. No one knows what happened to all those 2.5 lakh workers who built them. Nor do any of the thousand that flock Appu Ghar know the sordid tale that lies behind this most popular attraction of our city.

13 May 1990

On 9th May a young 25 year old migrant woman  living in Kutcha Jhuggi in Baljeet Nagar was raped by police constable attached to the Patel Nagar Police Station. According to press reports, this was followed by a second attempt but attempt was foiled and the constable arrested. Although an FIR was filed, the constable was granted bail on the ground of delay in filing the complaint.

22 Apr 1990

The Report traces the complex and unjust geo-political and social practices leading to an agrarian crisis in Palamu. Palamu is part of South Bihar Plateau and has the lowest population density in Bihar of 1989. There is abject shortage of water as natural water sources don’t benefit the area much and rainfall has declined over the years due to deforestation.

08 Mar 1990

Socially and judiciously rape victim is deemed an accomplice to the crime. The contradiction between formal condemnation of rape and and simultaneous belief in the complicity of the victim arises from social attitude towards female sexuality and chastity. Female chastity is valued and is to be protected.Hence the condemnation of assault on woman's chastity.