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24 Dec 1991

On 3rd December 1991, some newspapers reported a death due to beating and torture in the custody of Delhi police, Guru Tegh Bahdur police Post.

The victim, Raghunath, who was a migrant worker from Bihar, was a suspect in a theft case. Enquiry by the Vigilance Branch of the police was ordered the same day. This is the report of the investigation conducted by PUDR.

20 Dec 1991

A man is beaten to death in a police station. Two policemen cart his body to be produced before a magistrate. They seat the corpse outside the crowded courtroom, in a true Amitabh Bachan filmy style, and argue with the magistrate that it should be given 14 day judicial remand - till the proceedings are stopped when a lawyer notices the dead body and informs the court.

18 Nov 1991

The report questions the police version of the death of 27 year old rickshaw puller Bijeshwar Paswan whom the police claimed to have found in an unconscious state near Radhu Palace Chowk, Preet Vihar. The report traces the disturbing collusion between police, medical practitioners and administration to present the case of custodial death so as to prevent prosecution of guilty policemen.

15 Nov 1991

On 3 June 1977, barely three months after the emergency was lifted, the struggle of Dalli-Rajhara miners and the name of Shankar Guha Niyogi became known to the world outside Chattisgarh.

21 Oct 1991

On 2 June  1991, the workers of a cement factory at Dalla, (District Sonbhadra) in Uttar Pradesh were fired upon when they were staging rasta rook and dharna in protest against the privatization of their factory, owned by UP state Cement Corporation. Eight bodies were recomvered and many were seriously injured and one whom died later. 

10 Oct 1991

 A rape victim invariably faces compelling pressures that imposes a shroud of silence over her violations.Such pressures come from within the family and and more pervasively through the norms and codes of society. Where the agents of state are responsible for such violation the social power that men exercise over women is reinforced by the authority of the uniform.

23 Aug 1991

This report published in 1991 is about the death of an autoricksha driver, Shankar Lal on the 14th of July 1991. This report is based on interviews with the doctors, police officers, SDM and the family of the deceased. Shankar was picked up of 4th of July by SHO of Connaught Place thana, but was released.

13 Aug 1991

Published in August 1991, this report is based on investigation in to the death of 50 year old Jayram in the custody of Patel Nagar Police Station. He was picked bu on 18th August from his house by four policemen who were looking for his 15 year old son Manoj, suspected for theft charges at a marriage party.  

10 Aug 1991

This report published in August 1991 is on the custodial death of Om Prakash Kaushik in Timarpur police station. On July 12 the Timarpur police received a call about a fight in Wazirabad village. Upon arrival they found Om Prakash lying in a vacant plot. The police picked him up and took him to the police station. Om Prakash's condition deteriorated while in the police station.

21 Jun 1991

This report, published in 1991, is about the custodial death of JaganNath, a 34 year old peon cum chowkidar, who, along with another individual was picked up on May 1 and brought to the Lahori Gate Police Station. While the second individual was released the next morning, JaganNath was kept in custody till afternoon. He collapsed in the afternoon in police custody and was brought to St.

20 Jun 1991

 Since Sep 1990 there had been disturbing reports of industrial tension from the industrial township of Bhilai in Madhya Pradesh. Allegation of victimisation and repression of workers and trade unions on one hand, and counter allegation of "terror tactics of the trade union mafia" on the other had been making their way in to the media.

15 Jun 1991

Two incidents of violent assault on the village of Hadmatiya in south Udaipur distt.

22 Apr 1991

An interesting case of murder in lock-up and bizarre cover up operation by Delhi police, this report published in April 1991 is about the death of two women, 24 year old Shamsheeda and her mother-in-law Rishna. While Shameeda was murdered by her in-laws, Rishna died in the custody of Gokulpuri police station. Shamsheeda'a body was discovered by Gokulpuri police on 10th March in a nala.

18 Apr 1991

More than forty years after this prophetic debate we seem to have reached square one as the Supreme Court, for the umpteenth time is seized of the matter, while many legal luminaries of the country partake of their paradise.