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24 Dec 1992

स्वर्ण लिबरेशन फ्रंट के सदयों द्वारा २१ सितम्बर १९९१ को सात भूमिहीन  मज़दूरों को सावनबीघा (जहानाबाद ) पकड़कर लाया गया और मार डाला गया।  दो दिन बाद एक अन्य घटना में किसान संघ के सदस्यों ने सात गरीब दलितों को करकतबीघा (पटना ) में गोलियों से भून डाला।  १ अक्टूबर को लगभग आधी रात के वक़्त तीनदीहा (गया) में एक बटाईदार के सात सदस्यों घरों से बहार लाया गया और उबकी गार्डों क

15 Dec 1992

The Babri Masjid was demolished by kar sewaks on Sunday, 6 December.

18 Nov 1992

On 17 November, PUDR and PUCL released their report "Who are the Guilty".

16 Aug 1992

From the time of the killing of 14 dalits at Tiskhora on 19 January 1991, more than 120 persons have been killed in a yearn in about 24 such incidents of agrarian violence against the poorest and most oppressed sections of rural Bihar.

11 Aug 1992

Bakhtawarpur village in north west Delhi is situated around four kilometres off the G.T. Road near Alipur. The viilage houses 8,000 people in a main settlement and one dalit tola. The residents of the tola do not own any land apart from their houses and derive their livelihood from petty vending. Raj Kumar (21) along with his wife, parents and two sisters lived in a house in the tola.

15 Apr 1992

On 18th March 1992 the press reported the death of a youth. Darshan Singh, in police custody.

31 Mar 1992

The report relates to the death of a Bangaldeshi youth, Ramzan, in New Seema Puri, a resettlement colony in North-east Delhi. Ramzan and three others were accosted by the local police while they were playing cards in a public lavatory at night. While the others escaped, Ramzan was caught and sustained severe injuries that proved to be fatal.

18 Mar 1992

South eastern Hoshangabad is known for the Pachmarhi hill station, "nestled 'in tourism promotion language, among the Mahadeo hills. The rail route lies from Delhi to Itarsi then branches to Pipariya town, from where starts the ascent to the hills. From Piparia there are roads and buses to nearby Bankhedi and its rural areas.