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16 Dec 1994

This is a small report highlighting the adverse circumstances that a rape survivor faces in the aftermath of her rape in police custody.  The report is about the rape of a dalit woman in a Narela Police Station in Delhi.

11 Nov 1994

A woman brought to the police station goes missing, and when found accuses a policeman of rape. All circumstantial evidence point to the guilt of the policeman and he is taken into judicial custody.

25 Oct 1994

In Palamu and Gumla districts of Jharkhand (erstwhile Bihar) tens of thusands people successfuly prevented the army for conducting field firing and artillery practice on their land in 1994. Later on the plan for making thie entire area in to firing range was scrapped.

23 Oct 1994

At around 4.00 in the afternoon of August 27, Masoom Ali, a 60 year old ex-Army person, goes to a tea-stall in his locality, Chauhan Bangar. He has heard that his son, Nusrat, is in a brawl with Mohd. Farman, son of Chand, the tea-stall owner.

15 Jul 1994

In the limited world of a resettlement colony Kuldeep desired to make it big is a run of the mill story.

15 Feb 1994

8 नवम्बर 1993 को एक युवक की नरवाना में पुलिस हिरासत में एक मौत होती है. पी. यु. डी. आर. ने पांच सदसिय टीम भेजकर इस घटना की तहकीकात की जिस दौरान टीम  युवक के परिवार, SHO, SDM, सरकारी अस्तपताल के SMO तथा अन्य डाक्टरों के साथ मुलाकात  की. इसके अलावा टीम दो गवाहों तथा उन वकीलों, पत्रकारों और नरवाना के निवासियों से भी मिली जिन्होंने विरोध प्रदर्शनों में भाग लिया था. 

12 Feb 1994

C. Venkat Subba Rao was born in Rajamundry in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh on 17 December 1953. It was his passion for literature that dew him towards revolutionary politics.  T the age of 13 he wrote his first poem dedicating Gurujaddo Apparao , a nineteen century litterateur . His passion for literature remained to the end.