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18 Dec 1996

The jusdgment on PIL on the issue of death in police custody and "custody jurisprudence" and modalities for awarding compensation to the victim and/or family members of the victim for attrocities and death caused in police custody and also the question of accountability .

14 Sep 1996

On 10 April 1996 a sizable portion of the wall of a fly-ash disposal pond belonging to Hindalco Industries Ltd. collapsed at Renukoot town.

21 Aug 1996

The report starts with the death of the 19 year old Jhuggi Dweller, Dilip who had reportedly gone to relieve himself in a nearby park in Ashok Vihar and was harassed to death by policemen present in the park. Four other jhuggi residents died and 16 were injured in the police firing after Dilip’s death when police force came in large numbers.

13 Aug 1996

On July 15, 1996 newspaper reported the death of an undertial, Yasin Ahmed, under "mysterious circumstance'. He had been in jail slightly under three months. PUDR team conducted a fact finding in vestigation and met jail officials, Yasin's family members and the SDM Punjabi Bagh who is conducting an inquiry in to the death under S. 176.

31 May 1996

Civil rights activist and editor of Asomiya Protidin Parag Das was assassinated on 17 May 1996 in Guwahati in broad daylight, while picking up his son from school. He played an active role in the formation of the Manab Adhikar Sangram Samiti in 1991.

13 Apr 1996

On the night of 20 January 1996, a boy along with his sister and niece were picked up by the police peronnel of Deshbandhu Gupta Road P.S. Both the women were raped isside the Police Station. Women were allowed to go next day and the boy was kept for one more day. The victims belonged to Nepali community. THey contacted other members of their community and tried their best to rgister crime.

26 Mar 1996

This report published in 1996 is about the custodial death in ISBT Police Station of 20 year old Ravinder. Ravinder had arrived in Delhi on 24 February, 1996 looking for work. His parents, residents of Modinagar, Uttar Pradesh were informed at 7pm of his death. The report investigates the incident and raises many questions.

18 Jan 1996

The year had just progressed a little with a multitude of hopes and prospects; but certainly not for 19 year old Indal, a resident of Jeevan Janata Camp, Tigri Khanpur.

His death on 3 rd January 1996 in the custody of Mehrauli Police Station, marked the first death this year in the custody of Delhi Police. PUDR investigated this case and came out with the report.