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26 Dec 2000

This year there have been 9 deaths in the custody of the Delhi Police and 1 in the custody of the CBI, which we have investigated. Of the 9 deaths in police custody, 4 have been explained away as suicides and 3 have been attributed to public beating. In the remaining 2, the police admit that their men were involved in the beating of the victim.

22 Nov 2000

This report presents a critique of the Supreme Court judgment on the  Narmada dam. The peoples struggle against Sardar Sarovar dam began in 1980 with Nimad Bachao Andolan. This was joIned by other organizations and subsequently led to the formation of the Narmda Bachao Andolan (NBA).

18 May 2000

On Sunday, 9 April 2000, perhaps one of the worst ever incidents of police terror against students since the Emergency took place in Jamia Millia Islamia University in Delhi. A four-member team of PUDR carried out a fact-finding investigation into the incident and its aftermath. The team spoke to several eyewitnesses, including the provost of the SRK (Shafiqur Rehman Kidwai) hostel, Dr. Mohd.

11 Feb 2000

PUDR and other civil.rights organisations 'have time and again attempted to chronicle the immense human suffering that the earlier TADA inflicted on hundreds of ordinary men and women detained under it. This suffering was not an outcome of 'stray cases of abuse' but built into the very structure of draconian laws.