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25 Oct 2002

On 5 September 2002, a posse of policemen dressed in civil clothes came to the house of Bam Dev Chhetri on JNU old campus in Delhi.

19 Jun 2002

Journalist organisations as well as the Editors Guilds vociferously campaigned against the promulgation of the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA).

22 Apr 2002

रिपोर्ट रुद्रपुर, उत्तरांचल स्थित जेनसेट बनाने वाली हौंडा सिएल पॉवर प्रोडक्ट्स लिमिटेड में धीरे- धीरे फैक्ट्री को बंद करने की कोशिश के खिलाफ कर्मचारियों के संघर्ष की दास्ताँ सामने रखती है| इस रिपोर्ट में बहुत स्पष्ट तरीके से उत्पादन के बदलते तरीकों को रेखंकित किया गया है जिनके चलते पूँजी और मजदूरों के बीच का टकराव और ज्यादा बढ़ा है| ठेका मजदूरी का बढ़ना, उत्पादन व् प्रोसेसिंग की कुछ प्रक्रि

22 Apr 2002

On 25 February 2002, the management of Honda SIEL Power Products Ltd., situated at Rudrapur in Uttaranchal, attempted to remove core machinery from the factory.

15 Apr 2002

After the burning of a railway compartment in Godhara in 2002, in which 57 Hindus died, the country witnessed one of the worst state sponsored genocide in Gujarat that continued for over three months.

28 Feb 2002

This report documents three cases of deaths in police custody in Delhi between May and September 2001. These relate to the death of Zakir -Pushp Vihar Police Station on 16 May, Lalit Mohan - Kalkaji Police station on 16 June and Zakir - Bhajanpura Police Station on 13 September.

19 Feb 2002

The report is an account based on the findings of the inquiries made by a PUDR team on receiving reports of harassment of Kashmiri residents of Delhi between January 6 to 30.