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19 Dec 2003

After the conviction by the Special Court, the accused went on appeal to the High Court.

The High Court gave its verdict on October 29, 2003. The High Court upheld the death sentence on Mohammad Afzal and Shaukat Hussain and indeed enhanced a sentence of life imprisonment under Section 121 of IPC to the death penalty. It exonerated S.A.R Gilani and Afsan Guru.

15 Sep 2003

The imposition of POTA in the case formed the immediate context of the fact-finding undertaken by PUDR to Godhra in April 2003. With a list of the accused that appears to be still growing, this case has the distinction of having the largest number of accused under POTA in a single case.

28 Aug 2003

The present report attempts to centrally place the issue of 'love marriages' within the ambit of the democratic rights movement.

10 Jul 2003

It had come to the notice of PUDR, Delhi that in Haryana a large number of farmers, mostly supporters or members of the Bharatiya Kishan Union (BKU), are being arrested under section 124-A of the IPC.

26 Feb 2003

In October, 2002, 5 men were brutally killed in the presence of, and possibly by, a large and violent mob on the main road outside the Dulina Police Post, near Jhajjar town (district Jhajjar) Haryana in front of the police and several senior district officials.

15 Feb 2003

FOR YEARS NOW, ever since India became a republic, India’s circular parliament building has been a symbol of its independence and sovereignty.