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25 Nov 2020
Delhi prisons must be decongested amid COVID, as a reminder that prisoners too have constitutional right to life.


27 Aug 2020

मार्च 2019 में, एनआईए स्पेशल कोर्ट, पंचकुला ने 2007 के समझौता ब्लास्ट केस में फैसला सुनाया, जिसमें 67 मारे गए और 13 यात्री घायल हुए,

25 Jul 2020
The normalisation of racist violence in our prisons is worrying.


16 May 2020
While police seek to project a ‘conspiracy’ behind the riots, all FIRs pertaining to the violence must be opened to public scrutiny.


Arshad Alam, Amaan Iqbal, Deepak Kumar, Mohammad Hamza and many others were killed in communal riots that convulsed north-east Delhi in late February 2020. Many more were injured, or victims of arson.

12 Apr 2020

Rehearsed Truths: Eight Successive Bans on SIMI by UAPA Tribunals examines a special feature of the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, 1967—the role of Tribunals in reviewing and confirming bans on ‘unlawful’ organizations.